Awais Sarfraz is an advertising, marketing Ninja and Business to business lead generation specialist. Although ‘specialist and Ninja’ are just two word but behind these words there is a long story of more than a decade’s hard work, dedication, passion and devotion.

Since the very beginning we have often heard that business has only two functions marketing and innovation but in Awais’s perspective marketing is all about innovation because there is always a way to do things better and that’s what makes his ideas different and strategies more effective and productive. Nearly his entire career of 12 years he has been helping companies and clients through effective, efficient and innovative marketing strategies. With this approach he have got well recognized position in this field. Awais has headed marketing communications of global brands of different sectors such as information technology, communications etc.

Knowing the fact that the world is evolving faster than expectations, effective advertising is not an easy task but great things always come from out of the comfort zone that’s what makes Awais goes for extra mile. While working on projects, he has done several advertising projects with many national and international clients from different sectors such as information technology, courier, sports, oil, food, medical, Petroleum, foreign exchange, pharmaceutical etc. Awais also have enough experience of handling events, he has managed more than seventy events for both national and international clients so far.

Awais believes in making things simple but significant as the result he has gained trust of his clients and became one of the most recommended marketing professionals in Pakistan.

He helps businesses worldwide with his lead generation initiatives, which involve review of their business objectives and proposition of best practices. He further shows them the path that starts from initiation and goes through innovation which leads them to progress.

So far he has worked as freelance lead generation consultant with clients from various industries and countries such as UK, USA, Spain, France, Australia, UAE, Singapore, Pakistan and others, with 100% success score and top rated as per Upwork, JSS and also associated with a well-recognized digital platform called Digital hub, Pakistan, where he has not only gained great experience but exceptional knowledge also. Digital Hub, is one window Digital Agency with team consisting of strategy, creative, execution, coding, analytics and more. It is a leading technology, digital, and outsourcing services based company which provides world-class web, mobile application and business analytics for customers around the globe.

Throughout his entire career Awais has provided strategic aid in the area of Marketing, Event management PR and Account management for the development of his clients’ businesses with the knowledge he has gained from my work experience and looking forward to do better in future.